These terms are effective from Nov 10 2014 and concern all users. If you do not agree to be bound by these Terms of Use, do not board or use “THE ISLAND”. By entering iamamiwhoami’s "THE ISLAND" you are aware that you can not claim a refund of your access to the island as you have then opened the purchased edition and it’s content.

By accessing or using iamamiwhoami’s “THE ISLAND” in all forms made available by To whom it may concern., you agree to be bound by these terms of use (“TERMS OF USE”). “THE ISLAND” is owned and controlled by To whom it may concern. AB. These Terms of Use affect your legal rights and obligations.

“THE ISLAND” is a living organism. This means it will constantly evolve and alter over time. Material included in the island such as music and visual material will be added and removed at To whom it may concern. AB ’s discretion. You will have access to download the content offered by To whom it may concern. AB and iamamiwhoami (music, stills, films and gifs) until January 1 2018. “THE ISLAND” will continue to exist as a service until it dissolves itself. To whom it may concern. AB owns the right to add or remove any additional content at our discretion.

You hereby agree to not redistribute or resell any of the content of “THE ISLAND”. You may share the audio, videos, images, and gifs online in streaming with exceptions of material not yet released to the public through an official release announced and released by To whom it may concern. The additional and exclusive material is for islanders only and is shared with you to support the ecosystem of the island. This means you are not allowed to spread this content outside of the island besides for personal use by download and private listening as well as sharing in-between islanders, as it will defeat the purpose of creating a strong community within “THE ISLAND”.

All users are responsible for having the required software that support viewing, streaming, downloading and using the features and content of “the island”.

To whom it may concern. aim to make the features of “THE ISLAND” light-weight and compatible with most browsers. Use a modern browser and keep it updated. As “the island” offers high resolution downloads they are sometimes heavy and might be slow depending on the connection speed of the user.


No posts that are violent, discriminatory, infringing, hateful, or pornographic are tolerated on “THE ISLAND”. You are responsible for any activity that occurs through your account and you agree you will not sell, transfer, license or assign your account, followers, username, or any account rights. With the exception of people or businesses that are expressly authorised to create accounts on behalf of their employers or clients, you agree that you will not create an account for anyone other than yourself.

You agree that you will not solicit, collect or use the login credentials of other “THE ISLAND” users. You are responsible for keeping your password secret and secure.
No stalking, bullying, abuse, harassments, threats, impersonating, or intimidating people is allowed. Do not post private or confidential information on the island, including, without limitation, your or any other person’s credit card information, social security or alternate national identity numbers, non-public phone numbers or non-public email addresses.

You are solely responsible for your conduct and any data, text, files, information, usernames, images, graphics, photos, profiles, audio and video clips, sounds, musical works, works of authorship, links and other content or materials (collectively, “Content”) that you submit, post or display on “THE ISLAND”.

You must not change, modify, adapt, or alter “THE ISLAND”.

Violation of these Terms of Use may result in termination of your “THE ISLAND” account. You understand and agree that To whom it may concern. AB cannot and will not be responsible for the Content posted by users on the island and you board the island at your own risk.


You are solely responsible for your interaction with other users of “THE ISLAND”, whether online or offline. You agree that To whom it may concern. AB is not responsible or liable for the conduct of any user. Exercise common sense and your best judgment when interacting with others, including when you submit or post Content or any personal or other information. You agree that you are responsible for all data charges you incur through use of the Service.


To whom it may concern. AB does not claim ownership of any Content that you post on or through “THE ISLAND”. All content on “THE ISLAND" is protected by copyright. To whom it may concern. AB owns and retains all rights in “THE ISLAND” Content and the Service.