from the forests of Karlskoga, in the midwest of Sweden, comes producer, musician, and songwriter Johan Lundgren. with half a lifetime of producing and songwriting behind him, solo debut was never a topic of discussion, until he swapped the long winters of Stockholm for a few years in the Californian sun, where Tungorna came to life.

he describes the change of environment and the limited equipment as a way to challenge himself. “i only had my laptop, a cheap microphone and a small keyboard with me, but, nowadays, that’s all you need.”

sharing this mindset are his fellow collaborators of the audiovisual project iamamiwhoami, for which Lundgren has been a frequent live musician for many years — Johan Lundgren describes the experience as “a creative push”. this is also how Tungorna was introduced to their label, To whom it may concern. “with their label, they have formed an inspiring environment, with their music and the world surrounding it, keeping total control, not only of the creative process but also the production, without some guy in a suit intervening.”

from the likes of artists and producers such as Four Tet and Caribou, Tungorna creates music with a lo-fi and naïve quality that still occupies depth through its multilayered musicality. Lundgren describes Tungorna’s sound as “a collage of interesting bits and pieces that don’t necessarily have to be ‘good’. the beauty is in the flaws and is kept together with melodies and a moderately danceable beat.”

Tungorna debuts on TWIMC and Kobalt Music, with the dark and playful single “NOSA”, on November 11.



Tungorna / NOSA